This is a presentation for expats,
designed to enrich the experience
of living abroad in a unique way.

In our experience, tango is so interesting, musical and social
that it helps expats in many aspects
of their lives.

Interesting ...
– Authentic tango has its roots in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– It was mostly created by immigrants from all over.
– It has one of the longest, continuing histories in dance.

Musical ...
- Tango is on the rise again, and you can buy over 2000 CDs of golden age tango music.
- One of the first tangos, La Cumparsita, has more variations than any other song on this planet.
- There are three different rhythms and musical styles in tango: .tango, vals and milonga.

Social ...
- The quality of communication in the dance couple attracts us the most.
- Traditional Argentine social tango is based on a simple walk, in an embrace.
- It offers many ways to connect with locals in your community in a very pleasant way.

These are some of the most important aspects of tango, 
which we both have studied in Buenos Aires.

We would like to share it with you as well.

THE PRESENTATION ‘Tango 4 expats’

We are offering a multimedia presentation with a dance demonstration.

First we will explore the origins and history of tango and its music, and recount our personal
experiences in tango and Buenos Aires. This will include a PowerPoint presentation.

This will be followed by a dance demonstration of tango, vals and milonga, with a short
explanation of these three types of music and dance.

The final part involves a Q&A session, with the possibility of learning the first basic steps of tango.
This can be done as a group or with a few volunteers from the audience, depending on the availability of space.

The presentation is interesting, personal, with lot of emotions... simply beautiful.  
It lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours.

Contacts us for more details and pricing info:

Tina Ferrari and Roman Mohar -

Link to the PDF document "Tango4expats".

To get a feel for the kind of dancing we do, here are a few samples: tango, vals and milonga.


Demo of tango:

Demo of vals_:

Demo of milonga:

YouTube Video

  Who we are:

Tina Ferrari
Tina was born in the USA and is based in Bologna, Italy. She started to dance tango in 2003 in Seattle and continued her journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spent over a year and a half dancing and studying the music, history and culture of tango, an experience that she takes with her to this day.

Her first teachers were Eva Lucero and Patricio Touceda of Buenos Aires (currently in Seattle). In Buenos Aires she found her embrace, thanks to  a life-changing lesson with Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse. Tina found herself translating for, and later assisting, the legendary milonguero Pedro Sanchez in his lessons.  It was a memorable collaboration. Her greatest influences, of course, were the milongueros, who gave her the history, the musicality and the walk.

Tina has lived in Italy since 2009 and travels often in Italy and Europe to dance and provide the music at tango events as a musicalizadora, or Tango DJ. When she isn't dancing, she can be found running in trails and parks, exploring her area's farmers' markets or at home, working as a freelance translator...while sipping an espresso, of course. ;-)

Roman Mohar
Roman got familiar with tango in 1999. His first teachers were Nina Klančnik and Holger Bock. The biggest influence on his dance came from Luis Bruni and Tamara Juhan. This was followed by Leandro Palou and Andrea Misse with their technically perfect style of Tango de salon. In the year 2001 he went on his pilgrimage trip to Buenos Aires, alone. This trip changed him completely. After returning, he was a musicalizador in the famous Kavarna Evropa, at the Thursday practicas in Jenko and in almost all of Slovenia's bigger milongas.

He taught for two years at the Tango argentino klub Ljubljana and helped to develop the tango scene in Maribor and in Celje. His students are now teaching tango in Ljubljana.

He developed his tango knowledge in Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Argentina, attending classes with the most popular maestros: Milena Plebs, Ezequiel Farfaro, Graciela Gonzalez, Ramiro Gigliotti, Geraldine Rojas, Javier Rodriguez, Julio Balmaceda, Corina de la Rosa, Pablo Ojeda, Beatriz Romero, Osvaldo Zotto, Lorena Ermocida, El Pajaro y Belen, Fausto Carpino and Stephanie Fesneau, and others.

In recent years he has shared his tango knowledge with beginning, intermediate and advanced dancers in Opatija (Croatia), the famous Villa Giacomelli in Pradamano (Italy) and at his own tango school, El Cachafaz."

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