Musicalizadorji na Milongi Carmencita

Vrstni red prikaza musicalizadorjev je prilagojen vrstnemu redu milong, kjer so ali bodo skrbeli za glasbo.

Trst, Italija.

Milonga Carmencita:
6. december 2014

7. november 2015
Fabiòla, since 2007, has simply offered traditional argentine tango nice to dance. She has djed in many milongas in the North East of Italy and in international events like Experiencia Milonguera in Villa Giacomelli, Terra Milonguera in Ljubliana, Raduno Rural in Zapreval, Festival alle Terme di Dobrna, V Milonga sin Fronteras, Festival Que Tango Lindo in Linz, raduno Alpine Abrazo in Mallnitz, raduno Dans te Bras in Paris, raduno Abrazos de Corazon in Klagenfurt and many others.
She lives, dances, loves and studies tango in Triest.

Tina Ferrari
Seattle, USA
nato Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sedaj Bologna, Italija.
Milonga Carmencita:
3. januar 2015

5. december 2015
It was the music that inspired Tina Ferrari to start dancing tango in 2003, and when she’s not on the dance floor, you can find her at the DJ’s console, with her selections of music from the Golden Age of tango.
Tina’s first experience as a DJ was in Buenos Aires in 2008, at a milonga called “Asi se Baila el Tango”, organized by Pedro Sanchez and Alejandro Gee at Peru 571 in the historic neighborhood of San Telmo.

She is currently the resident DJ at the Milonga de Las Gorritas in Bologna and co-organizer of her adopted city's annual MaratonaMilonguera, and has been the DJ at various events in both Italy and Europe, including:
Festivals and Encuentros: Le Notti Bianche del Tango (Lecce, Italy), Todi Tango Festival (Todi, Italy), Milongueando en BA (Bari, Italy), Almadetango Festival (Barletta, Italy), Tango e Benessere (Cosenza, Italy), Encuentro Milonguero Kehl II (Germany), 14ème Grande Semaine de Reveillon (Nîmes, France), "Le Rendez-Vous" Encuentro Milonguero (Bologna, Italy), Montecatini Terme Tango Festivalito (Italy), La Experiencia Milonguera (Pradamano, Italy), Yo Soy Milonguero (Crema, Italy), Ferrara Busker Festival (Ferrara, Italy), Riga Tango Marathon (Riga, Latvia), Amigo Milonguero (Antequera, Spain), MaratonaMilonguera (Bologna, Italy), Te Quiero Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)
Milongas: Milonga de Las Gorritas (resident DJ - Bologna, Italy), Milonga La Social (Bari, Italy), Rio Grande (Igea Marina, Italy), Alicetango (Rome, Italy), Contatto Club (Spinea Italy), Circolo Gardel (Modena, Italy), Milonga del Geco (Padova, Italy), La Galeria Ideal (Vienna, Austria), El Social (Zürich, Switzerland), Los Locos (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Tango al Hotel Hungaria (Venice, Italy), La Fattoria (Bologna, Italy), Milonga Vecchia Stazione (Forlì, Italy), Milonga Cromatica (Catania, Italy), Chiquita Brava (Ferrara, Italy), Pensalobien (Milan, Italy), Hangar383 (Bassano del Grappa, Italy), La Maquina Tanguera (Rimini, Italy), La Controcorrente (Macerata, Italy), Las Brujas (Milan, Italy), Mikser Milonga (Belgrade, Serbia), Milonga Si (Bologna, Italy)

Tina believes in preserving tango as Argentinian and Uruguayan heritage and tries to offer a selection of music that reflects this concept.

Beograd, Srbija.
Milonga Carmencita:
7. februar 2015

Nemanja is a regular DJ at largest and most visited Belgrade milongas. He plays music since 2007 year. His enthusiasm has certainly contributed to the development of Belgrade tango scene. Besides organizing milongas and playing tango music in Belgrade, he also participated on various international tango" festivals and marathons.
Carlo Carcano
Padova, Italija.

Milonga Carmencita:
4. april 2015


Feel, feed and shape the "onda" of each night in order to let the pleasure grow and flow. That's the most important principle of his musical selection. The DJ set is built on tandas & cortinas, embracing a period from the '20 to contemporary orchestras and modelling the historical and energetic choices on the mood of each milonga. Alongside being a passionate tango dancer, Carlo is composer and musical producer and this contributes to the care and craftsmanship with which he nurtures his selections. Since 2009 he has been DJing regularly in numerous Italian and European milongas, marathons and festivals.  
Kyoto, Japonska
nato Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Sedaj Berlin, Nemčija.
Milonga Carmencita:
2. maj 2015


Naoko's love and passion for TANGO naturally led her to become a DJ. In 2009, she started her career as a resident DJ at TANGOCOOL! (famous Club Villa Malcolm) in Buenos Aires. In 2014 She moved her base to Berlin where she continues to pursue her passion and actively DJing all over the world.

Her DJ-set is known as "100% Bailable!" as her music makes dancers to get up from chairs to dance. She connects and communicates with dancers through her music and let the night (DJ-set) develop naturally. She puts lots of effort to understand them and provide stable (traditional good danceable tunes) yet fun & challenging (some interesting o even surprising gems) so that dancing experience is special and extraordinary. She pays detail attention how to connect tandas to design smooth flow while changing mood. She feels so lucky and is happy to be DJ!!!
David Alvarez
Nimes, Francija.
Milonga Carmencita:
 4. julij 2015

Former resident DJ and artistic director of the historic Milonga del Angel in Nîmes, popular representative of milonguero style tango in France, in terms of both dancing and music, David Alvarez offers a DJ set filled with energy and emotion.
Darko Popovič
Ljubljana, Slovenija.
Milonga Carmencita:
1. avgust 2015

Theresa Faus
München, Nemčija.
Milonga Carmencita:
5. september 2015
 I play traditional music - with focus on subtle, sophisticated, sometimes cheeky music as opposed to bombastic, big drama stuff; mainly from the 30ies and early 40ies and also from the 20ies, and in smaller doses dramatic and romantic music from later years. I try to change energy and complexity from tanda to tanda, adapting the overall energy to the dynamics of the milonga. Music that is upbeat but not hectic, calm but not monotonous, romantic but not overblown - music that gets into the legs!

I founded my own milonga in 2005, it was the first milonga in Munich with 100% traditional music. I'm still maintaining this milonga "Bailongo" twice a month, with myself DJing. I also DJ in other milongas in Munich.

In the last years, I started to travel with my music (and also giving seminars about tango music). I DJed in milongas and special events in many parts of Germany, in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Buenos Aires.
For example:
High Noon Marathon Berlin, 2012, Nou, Berlin, 2012 and 2013, Tango Tanzen macht schön, Berlin, 2012, La Berlinesa, Berlin, 2013, La esquina, Erfurt, 2012, Dresden Tango Festival, 2012, Tango 8, Cologne, 2013 and 2014, Cafétango Heidelberg, 2011, 2013, 2014, Encuentro in Wachenheim, 2014, Los Locos, Amsterdam, 2014, El Corte, Nijmegen, 2012, Millepattes II Festival, Génève, 2014, Summer Wine Festival, Graz, 2014, La Galería, Vienna, 2011, 2012, 2013, Festival Tango Atlántico, Llanes/Spain, 2006-2010, Milonga Chacabuco, San Sebastián, 2010-2013, Encuentro Milonguero Pamplona, 2014, Viva la Pepa, Buenos Aires, 2013...
Punto y Branca
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ssedaj Milano, Italija.
Milonga Carmencita:
3. oktober 2015
Work with cd's originales to maintain a clean and pleasant sound quality.

Milongas and/or festivals abroad: Argentina, Buenos Aires (La Viruta, Salon Canning, Villa Malcolm, Porteño y Bailarin, Maldita Milonga, Confiteria Ideal, Bien Porteño, Centro Cultural Konex, Circulo Apolo, El Motivo, El Yeite, Milonga Internacional, Milonga 10, Viva La Pepa). Germany (Munich), Spain (Barcelona, Granada, Madrid), United Kingdom (London), Switzerland (Lugano, Locarno, Bellinzona, Genève), France (Nice, Paris, Val Cenis), Greece ( Rodhes, Athens), Sweden(Stockholm, As), Norway (Oslo), Madagascar (Antananarivo). Maldives (Kanu Huraa Island,Giravaru), Brazil (SaoPaulo)Hungary (Budapest), U.S.A (New York, Ann Arbor Michigan), Seychelles (Mahé, La Digue). Denmark (Aarhus), Croatia (NoviVinodolsky), Malta (St.Paul'sBay), Turkey (Istambul), Thailandia (Bangkok, Bang Saphan, Pukhet),Serbia (Belgrade), Russia (Moscow), Portugal (Lisbon) Bulgaria (Sofia), Macedonia (Skopje), Finland (Helsinki), Mexico (Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun). La Cueva Tango Club or Tango DJ “Punto y Branca” "Resident DJ since 2001 at La Cueva - No Art Gallery, the unique set for 'Tango de Miercoles', a weekly cult evening where young and old people dance tango until late into the night in an informal and relaxed atmosphere". La Cueva Tango Club has the peculiarity sophisticated selection of traditionals tangos “de ayer y hoy”. With his DJ sets he’s participating in several Italian and European festivals and well sought in European milongas, obtaining great success and a multitude of supporters -  La Repubblica.

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